George Asack, Jr., Cofounder of Boston Area Mediations Services

Divorce & Family Matters

Estate & Probate Issues

Contract & Workplace Disputes

Personal Injury Claims


Our esteemed panel of retired Judges and experienced Attorneys is prepared to assist you in resolving a variety of legal issues and disputes, swiftly and at a fraction of the cost and time of going to court.

Our range of services include Divorce Mediation, Family, Estate and Probate Matters, Contracts, Workplace Disputes and Personal Injury Claims. Please contact us to learn more.

We serve the Boston region including all of Central and Eastern Massachusetts from our dedicated mediation offices in Brockton and Newton, and our satellite office in Quincy.


After over thirty years as trial attorneys dealing with heavily contested issues, we felt that battling through the courts took an unnecessarily harsh toll on our clients. We sought a less costly, more civil and discreet manner to serve those in need of our assistance.

In 2006, along with our father, retired Probate Court Judge George N. Asack, we opened the doors of Boston Area Mediation Services, Inc. We assembled a panel of retired Judges and highly experienced, well respected Attorneys whose track records show that they possess our core values of honesty and integrity. It is our goal to work relentlessly and collectively with you to resolve your most difficult disputes in a private and dignified setting rather than in a crowded public court room.

  - George & David Asack